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Monday, 10 December 2012

Sea Of Time

Artist: Dokthor
Title: Sea Of Time (Engelstad/Inglis)
Year: 2007
Recording: Cubase VST 5.2 beta
Gear: Fender Strat, Maton JB4 bass, Roland TR909 and TR707, Steinberg CS40 softsynth and Voice Processor
Personnel: Thor - vocals, synths, Adam - synths, guitar, bass
Comment: Thor Elias is a visual artist and fashion photographer. But put him in the studio he becomes another animal. Growing up in Norway he had some conventional music training, but later explored the wonders of electronic sound. We share a love of psycho percussion textures and old analogue synths.

Transience © Thor Elias

"It's the time
It's the season
To lose your reason..."

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