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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Early pointypointy

Artist: pointypointy
Title: A Zone Unknown
Year: 1992
Recording: Tascam cassette "Portastudio"
Gear: Casio Tonebank keyboard, Alesis SR16, Midiverb 2
Comment: Returning from the UK in late 1990 after having been fired up by the new mutations of dance music and their devils-spawn with indie - known at the time as "Madchester" -  I had a vague goal of taking disparate elements of both dance and indie genres and blending them with a strange brew of influences from previous decades: bands such as Love, Wire, Roxy Music, Associates, DAF, Japan. Injected into this would be a sense of satire and self-deprecation that came from a more recent discovery - Australian band This Is Serious Mum. I adored the way TISM took the piss out of the popular music industry's hype, mythology, commerce, and artistic pretensions, while at the same time delivering this commentary via catchy and funny tunes.
My former bandmates having moved on to more serious life pursuits, I thought the best way to get this music realized was to master the recording art myself, so I started with what tools I could, mostly borrowed or second-hand, beginning with a 4-track cassette "portastudio", a guitar, a bass,  a DX7 , drum machines and effects.
The name "pointypointy" came from a movie, The Man With Two Brains, and as it turned out it suited my unfortunate tendency to over-think the creative process, not yet understanding the maxim "less is more".
Here, at least, I kept things pretty minimal.

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