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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Kate Brisley

Artist: Kate Brisley
Title: Beat Down
Year: 2001
Recording: Cubase VST 5.2
Mastering: Kathy Naughton, dB Mastering, Sydney
Gear: Yamaha QY20, Devilfish, Korg "minikorg" 700, Boss DR660, Akai S3000XL
Personnel: Kate - vocals, Adam - programming and instruments
Comment: Early in 1998 I met Kate Brisley. Her forte at the time was classical singing, but she was keen to try her voice on modern styles, so I had her sing on a couple of dance/pop songs I had been developing. These were promising but didn't quite gel. She then suggested we try co-writing, which resulted in me producing a 5 track EP for her. This is the first track.

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