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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Rear Panel: Korg SDD-3000 digital delay

This is the original rack unit from 1982.
From left to right: ground terminal, ID plate, captive mains lead, Direct output jack, "+"Mix/Mono output, "-"Mix output, Delay Mod CV input 0 - 5 volts, Bypass footswitch, Hold footswitch, Prog Up and Prog Down footswitches, audio input jack.

The +Mix jack can output a mix of direct and delayed signal, the mix determined by the front panel Level Balance pot, and the phase of the delayed signal can be inverted to out-of-phase also by a front panel switch. The - Mix output can have a similar mix, however the phase of the delay is always inverted. This allows appropriate stereo set-ups for mono compatible recording, or live PA scenarios.

The Delay Mod input has a dramatic effect on the delay time. This can be scaled using the front panel Intensity pot. This gives scope for creative external control e.g. using your midi-CV converter to send quantized  5 volt changes can allow beat-matched pitch-shifting type effects on melodic material, or create interesting polyrhythms or fills from a drum input.

The Program shift Up and Down inputs also allow creative mangling e.g. synchronising different flange settings on different points of the rhythm.

The audio input jack has a convenient feature. It can stay patched in, but when a plug is inserted into the front panel input, this signal is switched out.

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